Lab Questions On Global Crime Networks

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Sociology UNIT Five: 10-B Lab Questions Unit Five: Lab Questions Misha Glenny Investigates Global Crime Networks 1. Organized crime now accounts for how much of the global GDP? Research estimates that 15% of all the global GDP is made up of organized crime. 2. What do you think has led to this increase in organized crime? I think many things contribute to organized crime, but maybe the dramatic recessions and greater difficulty in earing a legit living would play a big roal in it along with the technology of today. 3. What are the three zones in the goods and services that organized crime offers? Organized crime works just like any other productive business, and utilizes three distinctive zones for its business; such as zones of production, zones of distribution and zones of consumption.…show more content…
The growth of the drug industry in Canada represents which shift in organized crime? Why is this important? A new breed of organized crime is showing up in the form of Canadian mobsters as the wide spread of drugs are quickly distributed through the use of high speed boats. 5. What is one new trend in organized crime? Why? The use of cybercrime, mainly because it is simple, fast and reaps huge payoffs. They use computers and the internet for all kinds of organized crime not just identity theft or hacking into banks but some are as simple as using the internet to sell medications at much cheaper prices but lowering the dose so that they are not

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