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10 Minute Play Essay

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  • on April 9, 2012
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10 minute play
Nora Halawani
At the Side of Life
May: unhappy wife in her 3o’s about to get a divorce
Tom ; husband
Karen : old calm women
Joe: man in his 50’s
Lily: women in her 50’s
In the park around the fountain a couple of wooden benches
May is on the phone …
May : hello .. hi Tom .. I .. I hope that you pulled your mind together .. I know we alredy discussed this and you already dropped the papers to the lawyer ..b   but please just think about it   anyway I’m here at the park , the place where we met …. I will wait for you if you changed your mined
She cries and hang up .
Karen : for how long ?
May : excuse me !
Karen : how long are you going to wait dear .
May; as long as it takes .. I have given him so much and he can not forget about me .
Karen : you sure cant forget about him .
May : and you are sure very rude .
Karen : well honey life taught me ..
May : taught you what?
Karen smiles
Karen: not to wait for someone to long because life is too short .
May : what’s life worth if alone!
Karen: alone or not up here better than down there .
Karen : have a nice long wait honey
Karen leaves .. and May looks at the fountain with here eyes wide open a woman comes and sit in the same bench but May dose not notice here .
Lily: hopefully its about someone who loves back .
May notices her and smile like she don’t want to
May; why did you assumed that I love him
Lily ; you have got to love one to think about them that deep. I have been married 3 times and only the third one worked , not because it’s the charm “ she laugh “ but because I learned that I have to be loved back .
May ; you got through divorce twice and you are happy about it .
Lily: if you want to think about it in this way .
May ; I don’t understand
Lily : I had many chances to chose the right one and I failed   but finally I found Moe   If   I can turn back the time I would be with him from the very start or even wait until life drops him in my way ....

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