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This year I plan to set goals for myself. I believe that this is important to do because setting goals is like making a checklist of what you have to accomplish during the year. I have decided to do this because last year I feel that I didn’t accomplish many of my goals. So this year I believe writing them out will help me because I will always have a written reminder of what I need to do personally as well as academically. My first goal is to keep my room clean. I think that this is the most important personal goal that I have set for myself because my room can be continuously clean for about three days before I have to clean it again. I chose it not because I want to be a more organized person but my family is in the process of buying a new house so it will make it easier to move all my things later. To accomplish this goal I will make my bed every morning before I leave for school. Once I get home from school I will make sure the rest of my room looks clean enough. Another goal that I want to set this year is for my athletic life. This next water polo season I would like to score at least 25 goals for the schools frosh soph team. I chose this goal because I think it is important to hold yourself to a high standard as you should in school. I believe that like in school sports should be taken seriously and should be played to the player’s best ability. To accomplish this goal I will go to practice every day and work hard, to keep myself in shape, and to work my arm a lot. This goal that I have set for myself is just so I can feel better about myself. I would like to lose 10 pounds or a pants and shirt size. I chose this goal because I have seen how America’s obesity rate has increased and I do not want to take part in it. Another reason that I chose this is because it is just better to eat healthier things to maintain ourselves instead of fast food like every

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