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10 Cs Essay

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Assignment 3: 10 Cs for Writing Effectively
Strayer University
MGT 505

Assignment 3: 10 Cs for Writing Effectively
  * Identify the communication problems with the email.
Nowadays, email is one of the most popular forms of communication in both personal and business communication. However, email can often lead to a ton of problems if the sender is made mistake or unclear and receiver is misinterpreted at one end. Email also can’t express the feelings and emotions as talking face to face or talking via phone, so the tone of messages always don’t translate accurately. For Bobby Johnson’s case, the sender made a lot of mistakes in his email. The first and the biggest problem in his email is he didn’t mention an accurately date of party at all; he just told only Friday, 6 p.m. Moreover, there is no address of restaurant. The sender can’t be sure that the receivers would know all of information those sender know, so the sender should provide all of information as he/she can in an email to make a good communication. In addition, the sender sent a ton of unclear information as follows:
  1) About a gift certificate, do any receivers need to prepare individual gift for Joe Banyon?
  2) The sender didn’t mention the types of dinner.
  3) He didn’t state who can participate with the receivers (just receiver or receiver, spouse, and family).
  4) A word “ASAP” isn’t an obvious directive.1

  * Using the 10 Cs for Writing Effectively, rewrite the email.
TO: Bobby Johnson
SUBJECT: Joe Banyon’s retirement party
Dear [Receivers]
After I talked to Joe Banyon’s friends, I have been asked to arrange a little farewell party in his honor. As you know he will retire next month, so I would like to invite you to a farewell party on November 22nd, 2013 at City Café 7514 Wisconsin Ave, Bethesda, MD 20814 and dress code will be casual attire.
In this party, we would like to give him a gift certificate, so we are asking everyone to contribute and prepare individual...

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