1. Why Do You Think Slavery Still Exists Today

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Marnely hiciano 03.06 1. Why do you think slavery still exists today? Slavery is a mechanism for acquiring wealth or some other commodity at the expense of others and unfortunately there will always be people who only care about their own desires. The misery of other has no meaning they don’t care about the misery of other. Slavery is still around today about six hundred thousand to 900,000 people are trafficked internationally every year. 2. What can our government do to prevent or stop human trafficking? The government can lock down the borders and stop illegal immigration. Most trafficking in the USA is done by smuggling in illegal immigrants. Local governments and law enforcement can put more resources into ending the sex and drug trades. The IRS can put more effort into prosecuting people who take advantage of illegal aliens and then hold them…show more content…
But to achieve that goal everyone needs to work together. 3. It’s happening to people just like you Human trafficking does not discriminate on the basis of age, gender race, or religion. Anyone can be a victim. Most of the trafficking victims in the world are female and fewer than 18 but men and older adults can be trafficking victims too. 4. Product you eat, wear, and use every day may have been made by human trafficking victims Human trafficking is not just in your town it’s in your home since human trafficking victims are forced to make many of the products we use every day. 5. It’s happening where you live Stories about human trafficking are often set in faraway places like cities in Cambodia small towns in Moldova or rural parts of Brazil. But human trafficking happens in cities and towns all over the world including in the US. Enslaved farm workers have been found harvesting tomatoes in Florida and picking strawberries in
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