1. While Talking to Parents How Will You Convince Them That Play Is Also Learning? (200 Words)

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Module 2: Assignment 5 1. While talking to parents how will you convince them that play is also learning? (200 words) While working in a play based active learning approach for pre-school children, there will be many instances wherein parents will complain about how much we let the children play each day. These are parents who do not understand the value of play in an early learning program for children. As a pre-school teacher, it is very important to handle the fears of parents and make them understand that playing is an important part of learning. But before we begin to make parents understand, it is very important that we as teachers believe in it ourselves and are fully convinced of the value that play will add to the learning process of the children. It is also very important that we maintain an anecdotal record of the children where we put in our observations during the class hours which will provide us with many examples in support of play based learning. These can be used in our discussion with the parents. It is very important to start the discussion by reiterating the fact that when it comes to the growth and success of their child, we are one with them. We want the same thing too. I would then remind the parents how much the child has learnt without any kind of traditional teaching involved. The child learnt to stand on his / her own, take small steps and then walk and eventually trot by exploring his / her own limits and following his / her own instinct. He / She also learnt to speak the mother tongue by listening to the parents and family members speak. He / she learnt to sing, move to music, got toilet trained, learnt to put on basic clothing, started recognising relatives and friends, etc. much before setting foot in a classroom. Then I would go on to explain to them that learning is a natural process. They learn about

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