1. to What Extent Do You Agree That Anna Frith Is an Unreliable Narrator? Essay

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Intro: 17th century England village infected by plague. Reader witnesses the plague through protagonist/narrator Anna. Although some elements of the recount of the events of the plague year are retrospective and can be seen as biased Anna is generally a reliable narrator for this story. Paragraph 1- AF is a good choice of character for narration as she is objective in her viewsand has access to the whole social structure of the village due to her position as a servant. She is directly affected by the plague and therefore offers the reader an insight into the grief associated with the plague. Paragraph 2- The reader also witnesses AF’s change, one of the strongest character changes in the story. We see not only the changes in her character but also the changes in her retrospective writing (eg. She shifts from calling EM Mrs Mompellion to Elinor as their relationship develops. Anna’s description is very vivid, she includes much detail whether it be of the nature surrounding Eyam or a plague sore. Paragraph 3- Although she may be a reliable narrator, naturally, some of her views are effected by bias, whether intentional or unintentional. AF discusses that despite her presumptions of villagers she realises that “how little we know, I thought, of the people we live among.” AF is sometimes incapable of providing a factual recount of events as there are some places she simply can not be. AF scratches the surface of the Mompellions’ relationship and sees that it is not what it seems – her views are tainted by her loyalty and relationship to those around

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