1. Summarize the Importance of Adhering to a Professional Code of Ethics. Essay

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Summarize the importance of adhering to a professional code of ethics. The Code of Ethics created carries out or implements the aforementioned values and ethical principles to direct or motivate the proper behavior (American , 2004 . The Code of Ethics prepared by the “American Health Information Management Association ‘is essential and applicable to all the members of the aforementioned , as well as , those “Health Information Management ‘ professionals and students who were given such credentials whatever tasks functions they are assigned to no matter where the location they ‘re at and whatsoever race they serve (American , 2004 . Explaining further , the “American Health Information Management Association ‘ has six specific reasons for developing the aforementioned Code of Ethics and these are the following : First of all , it categorizes the morals on which the “Health Information Management ‘ is founded upon (American , 2004 . Second , it goes over the main points of the extensive moral principles that mirror the profession ‘s core ideals , as well as , institute a collection of decent philosophies to be utilized as a guiding light in coming up with decisions and actions called for by the occurrence of critical situations (American , 2004 . Third , it lends a hand to “Health Information Management ‘professional pinpoint essential deliberations or reflections in instances where responsibilities conflict or when hesitations based on ethics comes up (American , 2004 . Fourth , it serves as a set of rules for the “Health Information Management ‘ professional to be held responsible if it ‘s called for by the people or the public (American , 2004 . Fifth , it plays the role of getting together practitioners who are not familiar to the “mission , values , as well as , ethical principles ‘ of the “Health Information Management (American , 2004 . Last but not least ,

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