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1. Compare and Contrast the Psychoanalytic Theories of Freud and Erikson Essay

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  • on January 12, 2014
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Written Assignment 1
Bryan Lindsey, Chesapeake Virginia
Developmental Psychology
Dr. Robert Wolf
05 Feb 2011

Written Assignment 1

  1.   Compare and contrast the psychoanalytic theories of Freud and Erikson. (Chapter 2)
      The psychoanalytic theories of both Freud and Erickson are similar in many ways, but Erickson recognized a wide range of outcomes from the eight developmental stages that being different from Freud’s five stages.
    Freud believed that development in the first six years occurred in the three stages (Stassen). Freud believed that each stage focused on sexual pleasure that came or originated from a particular part of the body.   For a newborn baby the oral stage is where the infant would use the mouth, tongue and gums to focus on pleasures from that area and how to experience the new world through this medium of pleasure. Feeding as an infant if one of the primary rituals that occurs for the first many months of a baby’s life, where Freud’s theory would explain the wants and needs of a smoker that is still unconsciously stuck in the oral stage of life.
    The next stage of Freud’s theory is the anal stage that occurs from one to three years of age, where the toddler pleasures from retaining and eliminating feces. Again the negative outcome of this stage is where an adult would become obsessive and dedicated to perfection.   Erickson, like Freud has the same two theories from birth to three years of age in the developmental stage, however, the major differences is that in Erickson’s theory of Psychosocial development the stages focuses on family and culture not just sexual urges, as well as the problems that would originate if a certain stage was not successfully completed (Stassen).
      Freud’s phallic stage focuses on the penis, the most important part on the body in which will make the girls question why they do not have one (Stassen). Erickson’s stage at this point was not about the penis and the lack of one, but more of...

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