1.3 Explain Conflict Management Techniques Used To Resolve Team Conflict.

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UNIT 1 1.1 - Why different communication methods are used in the bussiness environment Communication methods can be: verbal non verbal written - email, letter.. Use of communication methods: speed efficiency cost convenience recipient 1.2 - describe the communication requirements of different audiences Audiences can be: Internal - work for same organisation External - customers, suppliers, regulatory authorities Communication requirements - purpose, appropriate communication methods (formal, informal, verbal, written), language, level of detail, organisation standards and protocols, customer expectations. 1.3 - Explain the importance of using correct grammar, sentence structure,…show more content…
Benefits to the team members - stretch talents, increasing of motivation, increasing of job satisfaction, opportunities for creativity, feeling of belonging to the organisation 1.2 Describe how to give feedback constructively Constructively giving feedback - building of relationships, reinforcing of good behaviour, improving undesirable behaviour How to give feedback - have a clear purpose for feedback, use appropriate timing (routine, non routine), feedback in private, give specific examples, focus on behaviour rather than the person, ensure feedback is practical, give clear actions, check understanding, balance positive and negative feedback, offer support 1.3 Explain conflict management techniques that may be used to resolve team conflicts Sources of team conflicts can be: Interparsonal - conflict between two or more members of the team, due to personality, values, behaviour or attitude Task-based conflict - the goals or expectations are unclear or unrealistic Techniques of solving conflicts are for example joint problem solving, active listening, tough on problem not the people, review own leadership, use conflict management process Listening to both sides Analyse events, identify causes Identify

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