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1/3 1/3 1/3 Essay There is a saying that when there is an absence of light, darkness prevails. When we get hooked into a world of despair, we are being drowned in a dark ocean of unconsciousness. But can we escape it? The story “1/3 1/3 1/3” by Richard Brautigan takes place on a dark and rainy time in the Pacific Northwest in the 1952 where the Baby Boomer occurred and World War 2 ended. Due to a bizarre economic shift, it impoverishes the lives and bring many people depend on the Welfare Check severely. However, with the typewriter and the function of its typewriter, it created a new pathway for 3 low class people to pound at the Gates of the American Literature. In the story “1/3 1/3 1/3”, author Richard Brautigan states that with the use of these 2 driving forces, knowledge and hope, it will create an opportunity to change your life for the better. Richard Brautigan emphasizes that no matter how dark the moment, hope is always possible. For instance, from the beginning to the end, Brautigan vividly depicts to the readers the darkest time in the Pacific Northwest; “I was about seventeen years old and made lonely strange by the Pacific Northwest of so many years ago, that dark, rainy time…” This illustrated a dull environment surrounded from feeling depressed and bleak. But as the writer saw the typewriter at his door “the man held his hand above his eyes, shielding his eyes from a bright imaginary sun…” his illusion changes the tone of the setting explaining that the ray of the sunlight is not forever diminished. In addition to that, the typewriter symbolizes as hope as witnessed “a bright imaginary sun” beaming on the writer’s face when the typewriter agreed to type their novel; it gives an opportunity to change their lives for the better from writing a novel. Another example would be the writer’s obstacles. “He wanted to tell a story that happened to him

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