1.2 Explain The Term Risk Factors Essay

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|Name: |Date: 5/19/2014 | Graded Assignment Test Part 2: Personal, Community, and Environmental Health 1. Explain the difference between infectious and non-infectious diseases, and give examples of each. (5 points) Infectious diseases can be spread through human contact, the air, etc, Such as the flu or HPV. Non-infectious diseases cannot be spread, such as Asthma. 2. Explain the term "risk factors" and describe how to reduce your risk of 3 different diseases. (5 points) Risk factors are factors that put your health at risk. To reduce my risk of HIV, I would get as many vaccines as possible.…show more content…
HIV can be prevented the same way as Chlamydia, but is not curable and will lead to death. Herpes can be prevented through no skin contact, and is not curable HPV can be prevented though protected sex or abstinence, and is not curable with antibiotics. Gonorrhea can be prevent the same way as HPV, and is curable with antibiotics 5. Pick 3 types of environmental conditions and describe how each condition affects personal health. (10 points) Air pollution can affect your health by contributing to asthma, reducing lung function, and respiratory diseases, such as bronchitis. Noise pollution can damage your hearing. Water pollution can get in your water supply and you can drink it, leading to damage of your immune system and such. 6. Explain the meaning of the statement, "Think globally, act locally," and give an example of acting locally. (10 points) It means that you should think of helping the world, but concentrate on helping little things first. One example is making a local group who goes out and cleans up the streets of the town or

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