1.2 Explain The Importance Of Food Safety

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1.2. Food safety is important to everyone. However, as people go old, it becomes harder for the immune system to ward off harmful bacteria. Chronic diseases, such as diabetes and kidney disease, can make fighting off infections even more difficult. While most people affected by foodborne illness can recover completely, serious longer-term health effects, including conditions such as kidney failure and anaemia, are more common in older adults. This is why it is extremely important for older adults to take extra precautions when it comes to food. To reduce the risk of foodborne illness, it is essential for older adults, and those who prepare food for older adults, to follow safe food-handling and cooking practices. 1.3. We should always wear gloves to minimize the chance of bacteria entering the food from uncleanness hands. Gloves must be changed each time you do a different task, e.g. preparing…show more content…
Surfaces, utensils and equipment must be clean before beginning a new task because this way we avoid cross contamination. This would help prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria. 1.5. The food waste must be disposed safely and promptly to prevent any build-up of potentially harmful bacteria and also to prevent cross contamination. The food waste attracts insects and rodents. The food waste must be disposed in closable containers and mustn’t be kept in food rooms. All the food waste must be cleaned from the room at the end of each day. All these practices protects against access by pests, and against contamination of food, drinking water, equipment or premises. 1.6. Storing different foods of different types safely is important to keep from having several negative possible outcomes: a) spoiling before too long b) getting wasted and having to be thrown out c) saving money d) health reasons due to moulds, and bacteria diseases e) retaining freshness so they supply their vitamins f) food storage can mean the difference between life and

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