1.1describe How to Establish Respectful, Professional Relationships with Children and Young People. Essay

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When your in a discussion with an adult it is fair to say everyone will have different views, some adults expect you to have the same views as themselves, your not always going to agree on matters, as long as you show mutual respect and be professional the best way to get over this is to communicate effectively and respect each others views, as long as you are able to support other adults then you are on the right path, when the compromise has been met you can for example ;  Show you're approachable  Demonstrate positive behaviour  Give support as and when it is required  Demonstrate your listening skills  Show commitment  Show respect  Don’t gossip about work colleagues  Respond politely When we are communicating with adults it is important to address them by their preferred title this in turn is showing respect, for example ;  Mrs Haribo or  Marcia With adults you are communicating with you can use more complex language, (whereas children you have to keep it clear and to the point so they understand what you are talking about) it is important for them to feel comfortable with you, especially since you are going to be working closely with them in the classroom, you have to show them  That you area a careing individual  Respect their wishes in the setting  Communicate politely and courteously  Give them all the support they need  Listen to their views  Ask questions on a need to know basis  Always try to handle disagreements with adults in a way that will maintain a positive relationship This will make it easier to work in a team and therefore less likely to cause friction in the setting, this will also make you a good role model for children as well as the adults It is essential that teachers establish positive relationships with all children. You can establish respectful professional relationships with children and
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