1.12 First Draft Essay

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Flashback Pluto, a high school senior, lives on planet Ballopia, is what the girls call drop dead handsome, radiant honey color skin, ripped body, captivating eyes, and a convivial smile of perfect pearly whites, that snares you into his magical presence. He lives the life of a trust fund baby with his uncle “B Ball”, in the city of Easy Basket, on Sky Hook Drive, the envy of his classmates. When asked what she thought about Pluto, Proserpina said, “Everyone gravitate to him, he has the latest of high end luxuries, including a sleek, and stylish customize high performance, candy apple red, 918 Spyder Porsche, that goes 0- 100 in .05 seconds, the envy of all the boys. ” “The girls line up to date him, surrendering everything for the pleasure to be at his at his beck and call.” He was perfect in all ways, there was just one thing, Pluto has an Achelous heal of sought, and he could not eat cookies. As a child, he ate, slept, and played basketball, fantasizing of being just like his idol, LeBron. James, a super star, dominating both ends of the court, a franchise maker, carrying his team to the state championships, and his team to multiple championships. Pluto, the star basketball player on his team, at tall 6’8’’ tall, he is sought after by the top schools in the country. “I can have the pick of any girl on campus,” he said, “but the one, the one, I really wants is the young, beautiful and joyful, Proserpina, the daughter of Cereus, the Mother Earth, who ignores me.” Proserpina was curious, gorgeous, prettier than anyone he had ever seen, with long flowing brown hair, hazel eyes, with a loves for beautiful things, however, she has been shelter by her mother, Cereus, who knows the consequences of not listening to the words of her parent. Cereus just like her daughter was once a young, beautiful and cheerleader who was wooed by both young and older

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