1.1 Explain the Sequence and Rate of Each Aspect of Development from Birth – 19 Years.

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Birth Physical- Babies are born with reflexes which they do without thinking. They are based on survival. Such as Swallowing and suckling reflexes which the baby knows how to do to feed and swallow milk, Rooting reflexes – the baby moves his head to find a teat if its cheek or mouth is touched to help the baby find milk, Grasp reflex automatically helps the baby put their fingers around an object that touches the palm of their hand. Also startle reflex is when a baby hears a loud sound or sees a sudden bright light, they will move their arms outwards and clentch their fists. The last reflex is the walking and standing reflex, when babies are help up with their feet on the floor or a firm ground and they begin to perform stepping movements as if they are walking. Cognitive – Babies can recognise the smell and sound of their mother’s voice. Communication – Crying when they are hungry. Tired, need changing or distressed. Social/Emotional and Behavioural – Mostly when feeding they love close contact between the parent/carer and the baby. One Month Physical – Look less curled up and startle less Cognitive – Stop crying because they hear a familiar voice. Communication – The coo when they are happy. Social/Emotional and Behavioural – A lot of smiling when they are sleeping. Three Months Physical – Lift and turn their heads. Cognitive – They begin to notice other objects around them such as mobiles Communication – Smile back when they see a smiling face Social/Emotional and Behavioural – Enjoy their bath time. Six Months Physical – Lift both thier hands and feet into the air and balance on their fronts Cognitive – They put toys and object in their mouth to explore them as well as with their fingers. Communication – Lifting their arms up towards their carer to show them they want to be carried. Social/Emot/Behavioural – Smile when they are playing
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