1.1 Explain The Importance Of Sequence Of Development

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Sequence of Development The sequence of development is an order of stages that need to be completed in order to improve a certain skill and move on to the next stage. It’s a process where one event is followed by another after another and continues throughout life. With sequence of development it depends on the previous events which have happened as to what is going to happen next. For example a baby will crawl before standing, stand holding on to something before standing by themselves, and walk holding parent's hands before walking independently. As you can see the early stages are easier than the ones after, therefore the level of intensity progresses as you move up through the stages, so you always need to complete the first stage to make the next stage easier for you to complete. Rate of Development…show more content…
It's important to know the difference as it helps you understand and identify the child's needs during the stages of their school years, so your crucial planning of lessons or just planning what you will be doing with the children will be effective and give the children support in the areas they need the most. It is important to have an understanding of the chart containing rate of development and sequence of development to identify the accomplishments of a child and to provide a structure or a picture that can measure where a child might be in need of support or extension. Some reasons why you need to know are because you can pick up and help solve a problem if a child has one, you need to know what level the children are at before you start working with them and teaching them new things because you could be pushing a child to do things that are to advanced for them and they could struggle a lot and even be set
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