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Tariq Nazir Unit 3: Engage in Personal Development in Health, Social Care or Children’s and Young People’s Settings 28/07/13 1.1 Describe the duties and responsibilities of own work role This school year, I have worked in the Nursery as 1:1 support for a boy with Downs Syndrome. The Nursery is split into two intakes, an AM and PM cohort, and the boy in question was in the AM cohort. So, in the mornings, my duties and responsibilities have revolved around his IEP targets as well his social needs in the classroom; his IEP targets are based around his speech and language development and his mobility. And his social targets have been to acknowledge and play alongside his peers. So my duties have been to set up tasks and strategies…show more content…
* Preparing the classroom each morning * Tidying up and putting resources away at the end of each day * Planning, delivering and evaluating teaching and learning activities * Motivating and encouraging the children * Ensuring children have access to and are able to use materials needed to complete tasks, confidently and competently * Helping pupils who need extra support to complete tasks, individually and in groups * Support literacy and numeracy activities in the classroom * Observing pupil performance, making and reporting observations to the teacher * Supervising art and craft activities and displaying work * Looking after children who are upset or have had accidents, logging in accident book and relaying to parents * Playing educational games with children and encouraging younger children to learn through play * Setting up information and communication technology (ICT) resources and supporting teaching and learning through the use of ICT * Reading to children and telling them stories * Working with children in the early stages of learning English * Translating and interpreting for the class teacher when dealing with Urdu & Punjabi speaking

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