Define Different Types Of Abuse

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Abuse stops the individual the chance to grow and flourish. 1.1 Define the following types of abuse. Physical abuse: Intentional or unwanted contacted with another person who inflicts feeling of pain or injury. Sexual abuse: Behaviour of sexual nature which is unwanted or without consent or by the use of threats. Emotional/psychological abuse: Non physical behaviours that can affect the cognitive, emotional, psychological and social development. Financial abuse: The misuse of a person’s money, property or assets buy forcibly controlling their finances. Institutional abuse: Where routines and regimes in the care setting deny people their rights, choices and opportunities. Mistreatment brought about by poor or…show more content…
Institutional abuse: Lack of physical care Unkempt appearance Name calling Talking to someone inappropriately Not considering someone’s dietary needs Inflexible systems of care and routines Self neglect: Bed sores Malnutrition Confusion Untreated medical conditions Dehydration Poor hygiene Unshaven Weight loss Fleas and lice Poor skin condition Poor dental and medical care Neglect by others: Wilful neglect Over sedation Withholds affection Anger Lack of personal effects -------------------------------------------------
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