1.08 Varying Activity Preferences Essay

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Alexis Clayton 1.08 essay My research shows that people of Latin decent prefer playing Quimbumbia, whereas Americans prefer baseball and those who live in the United Kingdom prefer playing Rugby, a soccer like sport that is common in the area. In my research I was able to talk to Mary from Cuba, Jacob from America and Elizabeth from wales, UK. I began with Mary and asked what she considered the favorite sport among Latin’s and she told me Quimbumbia. Quimbumbia is a common street sport in Cuba and is played similarly to baseball. Mary told me that she is 14 years old and often participates in sports once home from school on most days of the week. Next, I interviewed Jacob who lives here in America, Louisiana to be specific. He stated that he considers baseball to be the main sport played in America, and I also being American could easily agree with this statement. He informed me that he plays on his high schools baseball team and he is 17 and does practice 4 days a week. Finally I interviewed Elizabeth who lives in wales, Uk and she told me all about rugby, what she considers the most often played sport in here area. Rugby is form of soccer as we know it, except a lot more close contact and rough. She is 15 years old and said she does not often exercise. In conclusion I learned about a couple different sports that are not all that different from ours, and I also came to the conclusion that though we may be on different parts of the world’s we share common interests in sports and have one that we can claim as our

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