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1.08 Essay

  • Submitted by: monicaxg
  • on April 4, 2014
  • Category: Psychology
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Monica Guerrero
Period : 5

                  Many researchers have found that activities people participate in change as we age. It all has to do with our cultural background, gender, and our economy. Interviewing three different people I have come to conclusion that a person’s age inflicts on which active activity they do to stay in shape and healthy. Other reason is due to the fact that playing or doing a specific active activity runs in that person’s family or they grew up learning it.
                  Mateo Hernandez is an athlete who plays soccer. Mr. Hernandez has been playing soccer since the age of five. His father who also played soccer taught everything he knew to Mateo. Mateo is Colombian where soccer is a very popular sport played. Due to Mateo’s culture and how he grew up, lead him to play soccer because he was in an environment where soccer was the only activity boys his age did.
                Alyssa Exposito is a girl now graduated from the University of Miami and is attending Columbia University in New York. Though she is a busy student she still finds time to stay active and stay healthy. Alyssa runs whenever she has to time off studying or working. Things changed for Alyssa because when she was in high school she did both Cross Country and Track. Now Alyssa being twenty-two is living on her own in the big city studying her hardest but finding time to still stay in shape and be active.
                Pedro Guerra is a father and is now in his early fifty’s. Pedro was very active when he was younger all the way to his 40’s till he started realizing he couldn’t do the same things he did when he was younger. Pedro also used to be a soccer player in Colombia till he got married and started a family. Pedro still played till he finally began to get older. Pedro now goes to the gym when he has free time away from work and other priorities.
              Now that I have found this conclusion, you can tell that age has a major part in...

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