1.05 Assignment English 3

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“Ain’t I a Woman” (1851) By. Sojourner Truth By. Albert Carlson Prompt One – “Write to compare the ways in which each of these represents the changing popular idea of democracy from the time period in which it was written. Cite specific evidence from the literature to support your ideas.” In the 19th Century racial and sexual discrimination was a huge problem. The differences between being a Black woman and a White woman were drastic. During the time black women were slaves, and had no rights for themselves. White women on the other hand weren’t slaves and had few rights but still had the right to freedom which is huge. Black children were not allowed to attend school, but White children were allowed. Black women weren’t even allowed to keep their child even if they birthed them! White women and Black women were both struggling at gaining rights. During the early 19th Century women didn’t have the right to vote which created much frustration among women, they even weren’t allowed to run for the presidency just because they are a different gender. In the 19th Century men believed that women’s only job was to clean and cook for the family. Women in general back in the 19th Century didn’t have many rights, but Black women were definitely on the short end of the stick if you compared the rights between Black and White women. Women were thought to be emotional, dependent, illogical, weak, and passive etc. Men’s thoughts on women back then are completely different to the thoughts of most men today. Back in the 19th Century it was very rough for woman everywhere. Men were definitely seen as the dominant gender back then. Citations: http://www.fordham.edu/halsall/mod/sojtruth-woman.asp
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