1.04 American Gov Essay

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Your Name ___Achelet Pontiere____________________________ Name of Community You Will Serve ____Tedder homes___________________________ List at least five issues in your community. Indicate the two that interest you most. 1. Speeding 2. loitering 3. unreasonable amount of parties. 4. wild dogs 5. Animal Cruelty Investigate the two issues you chose in the above question. Use this chart to take notes as you research. Use the library, Internet, family and friends, and trusted community members. Talk to at least three trusted adults about the issues you research. These people may suggest good ideas and websites for information. One example would be your city or county government website. Be sure to note where you find information in your chart. Issues Issue #1___Speeding__________________Issue #2__Parties_______________________ Who … Whom does the issue or problem affect? How does it affect them? issue #1: Speeding affects everyone in the community, but it mainly affects the young children. Speeding affects the children mostly because they are the ones who are careless and are always playing in the streets. issue #2: Sure, parties are fun, but there should be a time and a day parties should be celebrated, for example on a friday or saturday. This affects everyone who has something to do in the morning. School kids and early shift workers are some of the victims. Are others already working on the issue? issue #1: People are affect by it, mainly caring parents. But like most people they are to lazy or its to much of a hassle to do it them selfs, so they are not really working on the issue. issue #2: Nobody that I know yet is working on the issue. Who else cares about it that you know? issue #1: My sister cares deeply about it because she has a son that walks to school that is about 10 minutes away, and worries about the speeding cars. issue #2:

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