04 05 Forensic Science Flvs Review Questions

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04.05 Questions: 1. What are the three types of fingerprints found in the human population? How often does each occur? Three types of finger prints include loop fingerprints which 60% of the population has this, Whorl fingerprints which 30-35% have, and Arch finger prints which 5% of the population have. 2. What is a medulla? What do forensic scientists use this for? Medulla is a set of cells that run through hair. They use medulla to use it as evidence to find the suspect. Race can be detected on pigment distribution, it can tell if you hair has been either pulled out or fell out, and if you hair has been died recently. 3. What is a precipitin test? What is it used for? Precipitin test is used to distinguish between animal and human blood. 4. What makes fingerprints individual? How do scientists match a fingerprint to a specific person? What make fingerprints individual are the ridge characteristics. Identical fingerprints not only show the same ridge characteristics, but they also show them in the same location on the finger. Forensic scientists look for point to point comparisons to determine if the finger prints re identical. 5. How are fingerprints discovered at crime scenes? A device called (RUVIS) aims UV light at the areas where fingerprints may be. If latent prints are there, it will reflect back the light, to the UV light. Fingerprint powders are another way to find fingerprints that are not visible to the naked eye. The powders come in a range of colors and compressions for the forensic scientist to choose the best one for the surface they are working on. Critical thinking: 1. Of the three types of physical evidence discussed in this module, which one do you think you would be most interested in working with in an investigation? Why? I would be most interested in working in an investigation would be finger prints. For the reason that all

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