02.01 Revolutionary Ideas

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02.01 Revolutionary Ideas: Assessment 1) Natalia Valencia, Mr. L, 2/10/14 title: Let Freedom Reign Human Rights For All | 2) the declaration of independence: the main purpose of the declaration of independence was to explain why colonies were leaving England; to justify they were forced to make what we know as a treason and explain why it wasn’t such. The declaration of independence is often, by those who are not experts in the subject, confused with the constitution or even the bill of rights in it. It states that the government was certain responsibilities for the govern that it cannot break. People agreed for religious freedom, government representation, and taxation. Men who signed this in despair for freedom, risked their lives…show more content…
I think the declaration of independence was, for long, a contradiction against itself. It was first written for males 21 or older which didn’t really fit in when they said all PEOPLE. Even today we see how theres still so much discrimination due to the declaration of independence not protection and giving all the PEOPLE the same rights, a vivid example is gay marriage. In the declaration it explains how all of us just for being born and being humans have the same rights, and that those rights will remain protected till the day we die. We are not measured for sex, race, or where we come from. At least that’s how it was supposed to be but in my opinion, it is a lie. It doesn’t apply for those who are homosexuals, those who are labeled, when they are really like me and you with a different type of view. I think if I was a colonist back then I would not support the declaration of independence. I would not go against it but just like the republicans and radicals with the constitution, I would try to do something to better it.
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