01 Optimization Of Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger Essay

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International Journal of Control and Automation December, Vol. 3 No. 4, December, 2010 Optimization of Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers Using modified Genetic Algorithm S.Rajasekaran1, Dr.T.Kannadasan2 1 Dr.NGP Institute of Technology Coimbatore 641048, India srsme@yahoo.co.in Director-Research Anna University of Technology Coimbatore 641045, India tkannadasan56@yahoo.com Abstract The objective of this paper is to Develop and Test a model of optimizing the early design phase of shell and Tube Heat Exchangers via the application of modified Genetic Algorithm (MGA).The Modified Genetic Algorithm is based on the integration of classical genetic algorithm structure and a systematic neighborhood structure .The MGA model can help the designers to make decisions at the early phases of the design process. With a MGA model, it is possible to obtain an approximately better prediction, even when required information is not available in the design process. This model proved that MGA is capable of providing better solutions with higher quality even with inadequate data. Keywords: Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers, Modified Genetic Algorithms, Cost Estimation 2 1. Introduction Designing a product deals with various parameters such as cost, time, size, area, accuracy etc. among the above cost estimation is a key factor during the development phases of manufactured products. Early approximations of cost depend on the structure and development of the product. The more the size of product the more cost it provides. Studies have shown that the greatest potential for cost reduction is at the early design phases, where as much as 80% of the cost of a product is decided. The total development cost provides a greater effort for the designer to design and it is necessary to step towards optimizing the product. Making a wrong decision at this stage is extremely costly and further down

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