01.03 Scientific Method Essay

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Part 1: Katherine wants to investigate if the time of day a plant is watered affects the growth of the plant. She hypothesizes that a plant watered in the morning will grow faster than a plant watered at other times of the day. Independent variable- The time of day she waters the plant. Dependent variable- The growth of the plant. 5 controlled variables: 1. Soil - you have to use the same brand and amount of soil to make sure one type of soil wont make the plant grow faster. 2. Amount of sunlight - plants cant grow without sunlight, therefore you have to put the plants next to one another in the same area to make sure they get the exact amount of sunlight each. 3. Wind - grow the plants away from any winds so neither of them grow slanted to the side and ruin the growth. 4.Temperature - the warmer the room is, the more water is evaporated, causing the plant to grow at a slower rate, therefore all the plants need to be in the same room, same temperature. 5. Plant type - use the same type of plant. Don’t do one watermelon plant and another a tomato plant. Part 2: Purpose: Laundry detergents all say they fight any kinds of stains in commercials but we all know that they don’t. Today I’m going to conduct an investigation to see which brand works the best. Is it Tide, Surf, or Downy? I’m going to make a drop of chocolate stain on 3 white cloths and see which one comes out more. Research: The topics I would research are what each brand is capable of. Two practical resources I would use is for one, the library. I would get a book on it just to make sure I don’t repeat any mistakes other scientists have done in the past. Another is the internet to research any problems came up in the past experiments. Hypothesis: I hypothesis that Tide will take the stains out the most because I’ve always had no problems with this detergent. However, I also have a feeling that Surf

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