01.02 What Inspired You to Become a U.S. Citizen? Essay

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01.02 What inspired you to become a U.S. citizen? __What inspired me to become a U.S. citizen was based on getting benefits to go to college, obtaining the right to vote, and raising a family. What steps did you have to take as part of the naturalization process? __First step is filling out personal information, then sending it to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration office. I waited about 3 months. Meanwhile, I studied the history of America. Then, they sent me a letter in the mail containing an appointment. They made me take a written test on civics, asked me a couple of questions about american history and offered me a chance to choose an alternative name, and they made me take an oath. After the interview, they made me wait outside for my results and then they told me whether I passed or not. I passed so they sent me another letter in the mail with information for a ceremony. At the ceremony, they gave me my citizenship papers. Then, I called the passport agency to set an appointment to change my foreign passport to a U.S. passport. Then, they gave me an appointment to pick up my U.S passport. How would you describe how you felt about the process? ___It was exhausting and too much work How has gaining citizenship changed your life? Is your daily life different because of gaining citizenship? ___Gaining a citizenship has changed my life in many ways which leads to what really inspired me to become a US citizen. I now have the right to vote and have a voice. I have rights; I can get certain benefits when it comes to my education. My daily life has changed because I have been able to accomplished a lot in life, thanks to my education Do you feel the process was worthwhile? ___The process toward obtaining my american citizenship was worth while. I was lucky to start the process in 1998 when the process was faster and the waiting time was

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