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  • Treaty Of Waitangi
    loss of culture/land and heritage for the Maori people. My understanding of the Treaty of Waitangi is that it is an agreement of a partnership between two...
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  • Constitutional Reform For The Treaty Of Waitangi
    regarded as pieces o f the legislation, therefore in the case of the Treaty of Waitangi; the Maoris (tangata whenua) have the rights of own enterprise to their lands...
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  • Treaty Of Waitangi, Land Speculator
    ;oris plea to the British somewhat prevailed by, The Declaration of Independence and the Treaty of Waitangi. Therefore, land speculators malicious intent was stopped...
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  • Treaty Of Waitangi
    high rate of Mori offending and poorer health outcomes for example. As a citizen of New Zealand the Treaty of Waitangi has significance as it has provided a basis...
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  • Treaty Of Waitangi
    wanted to buy it. But in 1862 Maori land was taken away from them. As said in my previous paragraph the Treaty of Waitangi caused more problems than fixing them...
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  • Waitangi
    is an agreement between the British Crown and the Maori people. The Treaty of Waitangi was signed on the sixth of February 1840 by 43 Northland chiefs and Lieutenant...
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  • British History
    1603, King James VI of Scotland ascended to English throne and in 1604 negotiated Treaty of London, ending hostilities with Spain. Now at peace with its main rival...
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  • Constitution
    addition, because of the differences in two text (English and Maori), Under the Treaty of Waitangi Act 1975, The Waitangi Tribunal was established to hear and make...
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  • Maori Models Of Health
    following terms with reference to the texts of Te Tiriti O Waitangi/ The Treaty of Waitangi:- sovereignty, kawanatanga, tino rangatiratanga, chieftainship, taonga...
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  • Equity And Inequalities In New Zealand Health Cardiovascular Heart Disease - Ischemic Heart Disease (Ihd)
    cardiovascular diseases specifically (IHD) between Maori and non-Maori. Treaty obligations The treaty of Waitangi is the pinnacle founding document of Aotearoa...
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  • Inequalities In Health
    and actively work to reduce health inequalities between different groups. The Treaty of Waitangi is a key document of Maori health which states that the Crown...
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  • Maori Culture And Tradition
    Land of the Long White Cloud. The Treaty of Waitangi, signed in 1840 by representatives of the British crown and of the Maori (tribes), is the legislative foundation...
    Save Paper Words: 1987 — Pages: 8
  • European Contact On Maori People
    decrease. In the 1890s the Maori population had fallen to about 40% of its original size. This decline became greater after the Treaty of Waitangi was signed in 1840...
    Save Paper Words: 411 — Pages: 2
  • Treaty And Nursing
    2009). Finally, in the nursing profession the Treaty of Waitangi, cultural safety and issues relating to Maori health have being implicated for nursing practice...
    Save Paper Words: 585 — Pages: 3
  • Analyse The Impact Of European Contact On Maori (1770-1840)
    New Zealand is threatening to overwhelm the Maori even more, but the law courts have upheld the Treaty of Waitangi and the Maori are slowly getting back their lost...
    Save Paper Words: 540 — Pages: 3
  • Appropriate Teaching Strategies Which Build On Infants, Toddlers And Young Children’s Interests Of Learning In...
    interlink for smooth transition into school both supporting the importance of The Treaty of Waitangi, cultural diversity, lifelong learners, confident individuals...
    Save Paper Words: 2518 — Pages: 11
  • Maori
    for the land that was lost during the colonization. In 1840, British and Maori chiefs singed the Treaty of Waitangi. This established British rule on the island...
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  • What Were The Motivations For Signing And Why Did The Agreement Between Maori And The Crown Lead To Conflict?
    lead to conflict? The argument whether the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi was for the Maori to be disadvantaged and for the profit for the British or whether it...
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  • Health Management
    care Strategy and He Korowai Oranga Maori Health Strategy implemented by Turanga Health situated in my home town Gisborne which involves the demographic location of...
    Save Paper Words: 4990 — Pages: 20
  • Ethnicity In New Zealand
    central aspect to the relationship between the Maori and the crown is the Treaty of Waitangi. - Policy issues have arisen due to the contentious interpretation...
    Save Paper Words: 1905 — Pages: 8
  • Navigating Maculinities Across The Cultural Ditch
    Bishop 2005, p. 110). This research repeatedly highlights statistical disparities in health, socio-economic status and crime rates between Mori and Pkeh (white New...
    Save Paper Words: 9075 — Pages: 37
  • Rounding Life
    alternative forms of governance and management accounting in UK National Health Service hospitals through the categories of markets, hierarchies, networks and clans...
    Save Paper Words: 22507 — Pages: 91
  • Billy t James Speech
    1980s were a time of political tension. The treaty of Waitangi was not popular and there were accusations of racism. His comedy sketches portrayed Maori as work-shy...
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  • Judicial Independence Of New Zealand
    over the country. In February of 1840 the British negotiated the Treaty of Waitangi with the Maori people. This explained the terms of Britain having sovereignty...
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  • Determinants
    groups. Durie (1994) established that the Maori defined health in a broader sense; with the understanding that health incorporated physical, spiritual, as well as...
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  • Birth Control
    Planning began to address Treaty of Waitangi issues and the fact that Maori had limited access to sexual and reproductive health services. 1990s 1990...
    Save Paper Words: 9343 — Pages: 38
  • Professional Studies
    to the law but also to honour and respect the Treaty of Waitangi and the rights and aspirations of the maori people and culture. To have a good understanding of...
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  • New Zealand
    warfare. In 1840, 500 chiefs and representatives of Queen Victoria signed the Treaty of Waitangi to protect Mäori lands and rights. Promises were not always upheld...
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  • New Zealand
    use that were beyond the job description. While the participants core motivations for doing health work showed a strong sense of service and satisfaction, they also...
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  • Management
    on the following topics: 1. Discuss the historical background of the Treaty of Waitangi, its implications to the Maoris and the Pakeha (European New Zealanders...
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