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  • Judith Thomson- a Defense Of Abortion
    A Defense of Abortion, Judith Thomson defends the permissibility of abortion by appealing to several thought experiments, the most prevalent of which is the famous...
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  • Judith j. Thomson a Defense Of Abortion
    In A Defense of Abortion, Judith Thomson defends her stance concerning the abortion debate, and attempts to explain why all abortion cases should not be considered...
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  • Pro-Life Vs. Thomson Article, "a Defense Of Abortion"
    Pro-Life vs. Thomson Article, "A Defense of Abortion" In the article "A Defense of Abortion," Thomson begins to use twisted logic and what I observe to be faulty...
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  • Short Paper On a Defense Of Abortion By j. j. Thomson
    intentional killing. Therefore, this argument is once again unconvincing. In conclusion, Judith Jarvis Thomsons article A Defense of Abortion, arguments about cases...
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  • Defense Of Abortion
    The Violinist In A Defense of Abortion, Thomson grants for the sake of argument that the fetus has a right to life, but defends the permissibility of abortion by...
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  • Journal a Defense Of Abortion
    human being. In A Defense of Abortion, Thomason used a few examples to show that fetuses must rely on their mom for about ten month to become normal being. Thomson...
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  • Abortion And Rape-Resultant Concepti
    not. This is because by not agreeing to coitus, the female did not agree to moral responsibility. Judith Thomsons version, put very strongly, says, the right to life...
    Save Paper Words: 1590 — Pages: 7
  • Ap Synthesis Essay: Abortion
    2010. Web. . Unknown. "Pro-choice." Academic Dictionaries and Encyclopedias. 2010. Web. . Thomson, Judith Jarvis. "A Defense of Abortion." Spot.colorado.edu. Web...
    Save Paper Words: 759 — Pages: 4
  • Is Abortion Permissible
    : Oxford university press, Inc., 2009. 623-629. Print. Thomson, Judith Jarvis. "A Defense of Abortion."Philososphy The Quest for Truth. Ed. Louis P.Pojman and Ed...
    Save Paper Words: 525 — Pages: 3
  • Autonomy And Abortion
    as they concentrate on the foetus and usually disregard the woman carrying the foetus. Even Judith Jarvis Thompsons violinist argument, though it does make the case...
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  • Abortion
      February 2011 . .  U.S Abortion Statistics.  April 2011.   . Ronald Munson.  Judith Jarvis Thomson: A Defense of Abortion .  .  April 2011 . [->0] - http...
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  • Abortions
    appeal in the court could also facilitate an abortion in the second trimester if they do not hamper the mother's health. Judith Thompson presented a paper in 1971...
    Save Paper Words: 1869 — Pages: 8
  • Abortion
    in Perspective. Beverly Hills, CA: Sage, 1977  Thompson, Judith Jarvis. A Defense of Abortion. Philosophy and Public Affairs, Vol. 1, No. 1, p. 47. 1971.  White...
    Save Paper Words: 868 — Pages: 4
  • Asds
    2009 - Inleiding ethiek Marieke Venselaar 5963222 Teacher: Lucas Beerekamp Judith Jarvis Thomson A defense of abortion (summary) In her article A...
    Save Paper Words: 655 — Pages: 3
  • Natural Law And Natural Rights
    than the silent tribute of an effort to draft statements that would prove defensible if a defence against objections were explicitly undertaken. No effort is made...
    Save Paper Words: 177251 — Pages: 710
  • Abortion
    some still argue that until the fetus grows to be that individual, it is not yet a person. Judith Thomson, a well-known critique of conservatives, argues her point...
    Save Paper Words: 1532 — Pages: 7
  • Abortion
    and Dan Marquis. Judith Jarvis Thomson is a Philosophy professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In her article A Defense of Abortion, she discusses...
    Save Paper Words: 1952 — Pages: 8
  • Abortion
    who are against the procedure would declare that abortion is unjust. But is it? In her article, A Defense of Abortion, Judith Jarvis Thomson develops a thought...
    Save Paper Words: 1132 — Pages: 5
  • Abortion- Is It Really Immoral
    save it by loaning out her body for nine months against her. Judith Thomas in A Defense of Abortion presents the The Violinist that is equipped with great points...
    Save Paper Words: 2719 — Pages: 11
  • The Ethical Sides Of Abortion
    a fetus after this point. The Social Ethics of Abortion In Judith Jarvis Thomson (1971) article, A defense of Abortion, she raises one key point which supports...
    Save Paper Words: 1249 — Pages: 5
  • Abortion
    normal and natural means of sustenance. In Judith Thomson's article, "A Defense of Abortion," she argues that abortion can be morally justified in some instances...
    Save Paper Words: 1797 — Pages: 8
  • Abortion Analysis
    morally permissible, well talk about Judith Thomson. While writing the paper A defense to Abortion, Thomson did not believed that a fetus is a person from the moment...
    Save Paper Words: 1103 — Pages: 5
  • Abortion
    harm to the child. One of the main points that Judith Jarvis Thomson states in, A Defense of Abortion, is that of course a person should have the right to live, but...
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  • Women Must Be Free To Choose Abortion
    nor should she be compared to an acorn. In the essay titled "A Defense of Abortion", Judith Jarvis Thomson uses her violinist argument to show...
    Save Paper Words: 2849 — Pages: 12
  • Abortion
    as one group would argue in defense of abortion while others argue against it. The arguments of these philosophers basically fall under the notion that the morality...
    Save Paper Words: 3313 — Pages: 14
  • Misconceptions In Dealing With Abortion
    at conception. This conclusion simply does not follow. As affirmed by Thomson in her article A Defense of Abortion: "Similar things may be said about the development...
    Save Paper Words: 694 — Pages: 3
  • Abortion
    to form a zygote, which will divide to form an embryo. Judith Jarvis Thomson, a liberal, argues that abortion is still justified in a broad range of cases...
    Save Paper Words: 1969 — Pages: 8
  • Noonan And Warrens Views On Abortion
    being use her body to survive? Unlike Judith Thomson, Mary Ann Warren believes that the central question in the abortion debate is the status of the fetus...
    Save Paper Words: 1996 — Pages: 8
  • Abortion
    killing the fetus would be taking the life of an innocent human being. Judith Thomson argues that if a fetus is considered a human being with the same rights to life...
    Save Paper Words: 1753 — Pages: 8
  • Abortion
    of its valuable future. Therefore, killing a fetus i.e. abortion is immoral. Don Marquis also cites Judith Thomsons view that fetuses have the right to live. Marquis...
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