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  • Nyoba
    perempuan. Diantaranya, yaitu. Catatan pertama, kecenderungan menguatnya politik identitas, politisasi agama, dan revitalisasi adat yang bernuansa pembatasan peran...
    Save Paper Words: 3562 — Pages: 15
  • Pidana Anak
    pun terbatas. Payung hukum untuk melindungi hak anak di Indonesia sudah tersedia, meliputi UU No 39/ 1999 tentang HAM, UU No 23/ 2002 tentang Perlindungan Anak, UU...
    Save Paper Words: 3159 — Pages: 13
  • Bisnis Keluarga
    Undang-Undang Hukum Dagang (KUHD). Banyak keluarga di Indonesia yang memilih PT sebagai badan usaha dalam menjalankan bisnis, karena PT merupakan asosiasi modal...
    Save Paper Words: 4226 — Pages: 17
  • The Law Of Abolishment Of Domestic Violence: ?Obeyed Or Accepted??
    domestic violence before going to the main topic of the abolishment of domestic violence in Indonesia. Domestic violence, according to Indonesian law no.23 article...
    Save Paper Words: 3190 — Pages: 13
  • Pengujian Efisiensi
    lebih maju periodenya yaitu tahun 2006. Perumusan masalah dalam penelitian ini: 1. Apakah bursa efek Indonesia sudah efisien bentuk lemah, pada saat dan sesudah...
    Save Paper Words: 7128 — Pages: 29
  • e-Retailing: Dampak Perkembangan Teknologi Informasi Dalam Industri Ritel Di Indonesia Saat Ini Dan Masa Depan...
    pada tahun 2020 diperkirakan konsep ini akan menjadi yang utama dalam industri ritel di Indonesia. Kata Kunci: e-retailing, teknologi informasi, business model dan...
    Save Paper Words: 6715 — Pages: 27
  • Uu Pasar Modal Indonesia English
    bernegara; bahwa sesuai dengan amanat yang tercantum b. dalam Ketetapan Majelis Permusyawaratan Rakyat Republik Indonesia Nomor XVI/MPR/1998 tentang Politik Ekonomi...
    Save Paper Words: 20319 — Pages: 82
  • The Practice Of Industrial Relations In Indonesia
    firms (20-100 employees) based on the criteria provided by Statistics Indonesia; (b) enterprises with labor unions existing at the enterprise level (approximately 70...
    Save Paper Words: 12350 — Pages: 50
  • The Role Of University Students Toward Indonesia
    society and country. This commitment should be based by idealism and dream to bring Indonesia to a better state. The university student should act as the mature one...
    Save Paper Words: 1436 — Pages: 6
  • Urban Sanitation In Indonesia
    to serve poor people April 2009 Field Note Urban Sanitation in Indonesia: Planning for Progress Providing Powerful Incentives for Cities Urban sanitation...
    Save Paper Words: 13013 — Pages: 53
  • Phillip Morris International: History And Relations In Indonesia
    /detail/3006/aepi-phillip-morris-lakukan-investasi-nekolim-dalam-tembakau INDONESIA REPUBLIC: GOVERNMENT POLICY No. 109/2012 ABOUT MATERIAL CONTAINING ADDICTIVE...
    Save Paper Words: 906 — Pages: 4
  • Determinan Implementasi Sistem Akuntansi Manajemen Inovatif : Studi Empiris Pada Perusahaan Manufaktur Di Indonesia
    adalah sbb: 1. Determinan apakah dalam implementasi Sistem Akuntansi Manajemen Inovatif perusahaan manufaktur di Indonesia.. 1. Apakah Akseptansi Sistem Akuntansi...
    Save Paper Words: 6233 — Pages: 25
  • Environment Problem In Indonesia
    that is ourselves, and then go to the wider environment. But not just our beloved country, Indonesia who faces so many environment problems nowadays, all country...
    Save Paper Words: 546 — Pages: 3
  • Environmenal Problems Facing Indonesia
    logging problem; this causes a large problem in many areas, it means that Indonesia's air pollution will get worse as they have no or less trees to absorb the Carbon...
    Save Paper Words: 836 — Pages: 4
  • Dutch Colonialism In Indonesia
    collect tax revenues to fund the Ethical Policy. For the majority of colonial Indonesia, growth in GDP did not benefit the indigenous population at large. Private...
    Save Paper Words: 2068 — Pages: 9
  • Gillette Indonesia Case Analysis
    Case Analysis Written Report Word Count: 1490 Gillette Indonesia: Growth Strategy and Marketing Plan Summary Statement. Gillette should focus on its core...
    Save Paper Words: 3060 — Pages: 13
  • Consumer Protection: Law And Enforcement In Indonesia
    1999-2002 (see the table) to YLKI do not represent all of consumers issues in Indonesia. At least in Jakarta, 10 categories display several varieties of consumer...
    Save Paper Words: 2438 — Pages: 10
  • Solid And Hazardous Waste (Case Study: Indonesia)
    policy/strategy of SWM were established to achieve the MDGs(Mielluiem Development Goals). Indonesia has also set development goals in solid waste for short, medium...
    Save Paper Words: 4757 — Pages: 20
  • Indonesia
    Studies, Australian National University; Pak Noke Kiroyan and Duncan MacDonald, Indonesia Australia Business Council; Ir. Thomas Darmawan, GAPMMI; Neil McCulloch...
    Save Paper Words: 14554 — Pages: 59
  • Garuda Indonesia Risk Management
    Wings Air, Batavia Air, etc.  The nation's flag carrier Garuda Indonesia is still the largest airline in the country in term of  number  of  aircraft  in  operation...
    Save Paper Words: 9553 — Pages: 39
  • Business Plan
    dan minuman dipilih dengan pertimbangan untuk dapat memenuhi pasar dalam negeri (besarnya populasi penduduk Indonesia sekitar 210 juta orang) dan potensi sumber daya...
    Save Paper Words: 29742 — Pages: 119
  • Air Asia Vs Garuda Indonesia
    lower prices or affordable for their wallets. Air Asia offers a cheaper price from Garuda Indonesia, according to the motto of Air Asia to be world low cost airplane...
    Save Paper Words: 651 — Pages: 3
  • The Problems Of Learning English In Indonesia
    treaty. Although English is commonly used in the world, however, especially in Indonesia , English is still used rarely in society. For example, English is only used...
    Save Paper Words: 965 — Pages: 4
  • Jared Campbell-Indonesia
    started doing business. This brings us to another issue that Jared was facing. In Indonesia contracts tend to be less detailed. They rely on mutual understanding...
    Save Paper Words: 801 — Pages: 4
  • Indonesia Challenge
    fast growth of a newsun-rising industrytTechnology start-ups business. Today, Indonesia is a giant user of social media, ranking 2nd in the number of Facebook users...
    Save Paper Words: 2624 — Pages: 11
  • Indonesia Struggles
    the epicenter. The result is a wide bulge of water traveling very fast. One of these hit Indonesia then less that 24 hours later mount Merapi erupted sending up ash...
    Save Paper Words: 296 — Pages: 2
  • Ethnic Conflict In Indonesia
    to the peace amongst various faiths is the five widely accepted principles that Indonesias political ideology is based on: belief in one supreme God, just and...
    Save Paper Words: 3005 — Pages: 13
  • Business Noodles In Indonesia
    trends and uncover sources of future market growth for the Noodles industry in Indonesia with research from Euromonitor's team of in-country analysts. Find hidden...
    Save Paper Words: 1585 — Pages: 7
  • National Examination Scandal In Indonesia And The
    thing, although it might give good impact to students and schools. In Indonesia, guru (teacher) stands for to be trusted and followed. This has become the philosophy...
    Save Paper Words: 2622 — Pages: 11
  • Executive Summary Of Garuda Indonesia
    late 1980s freed purchase decisions from government influence; former Garuda Indonesia president Moehamad Soeparno told an interviewer for Aviation Week & Space...
    Save Paper Words: 6536 — Pages: 27
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