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  • Intimations Of Feminism In Ancient Athens: Euripid
    itself: this problem of the true, original meaning of Antigone that is, the status of Antigone-in-itself, independent of the string of its historical efficacyis...
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  • Feminism And Post Feminism
    3 15 25 36 46 54 65 75 84 94 103 111 117 125 15 Feminism and Psychoanalysis Danielle Ramsey Select Bibliography Part II AZ of Key Themes and Major Figures 133...
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  • Antigone Role In Thebes Essay
    everlasting issue with feminism in her Patriarchal Society, encourages her to battle every circumstance that comes her way. As Antigone conquers each of these rival...
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  • Trifles (Modern Drama) Vs. Antigone (Greek Drama)
    one of those themes being the idea feminism at a time when women were not believed to be equally capable of certain actions. Both Trifles and Antigone end in death...
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  • Antigone a Chorus Of Women
    The Chorus, being a group of women, was a crucial part of this production of Antigone. The fact that they death by the end. They were the bridge that connected Creon...
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  • Antigone And The Mother
    helps us become better people by accepting death and learning from it. In Antigone, she kills herself because she kept her promise and buried Polyneices body...
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  • Can Man Overcome? - Antigone
    men, but one The man left in the dark is none other than Creon. The story of Antigone is detailed and known by many. The story tells of two brothers who inherit...
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  • Asian Feminism In &Amp;Quot;Saving Sourdi&Amp;Quot; By, May-Lee Chai
    Asian Feminism in Saving Sourdi Thesis: In the short story Saving Sourdi there are many instances when the reader catches a glimpse of how women are treated...
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  • Feminism
    their sexuality and an end to the oppression of lesbians. History became very important in British feminism. The magazine “Spare Rib” also played a part...
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  • Feminism In Hamlet
    characters among the men in the play, many critics see strong glimmers of feminism within the two. Many feel that the weaknesses in the women are highlighted solely...
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  • The Tragic Story Of Antigone
    break it. Knowing that she had broken a law, Creon was to put her to death. Sadly, Antigone couldnt bear of this happening, so she killer herself instead, by hanging...
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  • Antigone
    the body. Kreon thinks the prophet has been taking bribes from people like Antigone to persuade him to bury the body (77). This feeling does not last long with Kreon...
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  • Antigon?: Chorus Of Cowardice?
    Antigoné: Chorus of Cowardice? The chorus in Sophocles Antigoné throughout holds the opinion the law of the gods is more important than the law of the state...
    Save Paper Words: 1902 — Pages: 8
  • Tragic Hero In Antigone
    the play, after he made the fateful decision to leave Polynices unburied and send Antigone to prison. Tiresias is the old blind prophit who gives Creon a warning...
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  • Feminism
    have today because women have help men in so many ways, especially in the household. Feminism is very important aspect in life. The middle ages helped shape peoples...
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  • Feminism In 19Th Century
    Feminism in the 19th Century Scientists like the ones from Stephen Jay Goulds article Womens Brains saw women as the subordinate sex and expected them to stay at...
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  • Antigone
    Greek Burial Procedures." . Magill, Frank. 1, 300 Critical Evaluations of Selected...
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  • Comparing To Kill a Mockingbird And Antigone
    Lee are ironically similar in one way or another. The sad tale of Antigone tells the story of a death-obsessed woman who sacrifices her life, but not her pride, for...
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  • Antigone
    it if that was her real reason. She is stubborn, and wont stand down without a fight. Antigone is proud of her good dead, and wishes everyone to know about it. Creon...
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  • Othello And Antigone
    Its all very well for men to believe in ideas and die for them. But you are a girl!(Anoulh 21) Antigone responds to Ismeanes comment stating Dont I know Im a girl...
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  • Antigone - Inflicting On Others
    is just eerie. Then suddenly everything feels lighter and heroic once Antigone is caught. But towards the climax when she kills herself does the tone become dimmer...
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  • 1960?s Feminism?s Influence On ?The Diviners?
    punctuation, grammar and spelling. That is all (Laurence, 179). With the new wave of feminism in the 1960s came groups such as the Inter-American Commission of Women...
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  • Hand Maid's Tale On Feminism
    Feminism in The Handmaids Tale Margaret Atwood's novel, The Handmaid's Tale, looks at feminist issues in a fictional setting, that are based on historical events...
    Save Paper Words: 1849 — Pages: 8
  • Womens Role In Antigone
    law than to support her sister and give her brother a proper burial ceremony. Antigone, determined to do what she thinks is right, decides to leave Ismene and follow...
    Save Paper Words: 613 — Pages: 3
  • Is Antigone Right?
    sake and the sake of his brothers. In addition, Creon felt insulted that Antigone blatantly ignored him, and as a result felt ashamed and ridiculed that his higher...
    Save Paper Words: 280 — Pages: 2
  • Antigone
    literature, many writers use a tragic hero in a drama. Sophocles uses Antigone as the tragic heroine of this Greek drama. A tragic hero is a person who has too much...
    Save Paper Words: 547 — Pages: 3
  • Antigone: Moral Law Vs. Political Law
    immoral or wrong and what an individual believes is the right thing to do. In the play, Antigone buries her dead brother and gives him funeral rights which the king...
    Save Paper Words: 784 — Pages: 4
  • Women And Feminism In The Handmaid's Tale
    and conservative views. In the Handmaid's Tale, Atwood explores the issues of feminism through the dystopian and male- dominating regime of Gilead. Through te...
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  • Feminism Vs Funtionalism
    To solve this we need to be socialised differently and get rid of sexist laws. - Marxist Feminism believes that men and women are still unequal in society. Women...
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  • Native American Women Activists & Feminism
    and Hasley 314, 332) 

 The critique and rejection of the label of feminism made by Jaimes is important and is shared by many Native women activists...
    Save Paper Words: 761 — Pages: 4
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