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World with Out Moblie Phones Essay

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Google Imagine a world without any mobile phones. Yes even imagining something like that is not so easy now. Oh I really miss the time when there were fewer or no mobile phones around my world. Not long ago, maybe a decade or two that mobiles phones were not such a common commodity. I still remember the day I first used a mobile phone and wondered what an awesome device it was. Back then, a communication with someone actually had some importance, now there is not much value to it. Its not that I am saying that mobile phones are not necessary or useful, infact life without them in today's world is almost impossible and slowly they have become a basic need of everyone (some statistics). One of the main reason I don't like them much is that they have changed us too much, in the way we behave in a group or society. They have snatched away all the personal space one used to have as now anyone can disturb you anytime, anywhere. I was infact amazed to see some telecommunication company advertise their service using the concept that how irritating a mobile phone can be, given their good network coverage ( that's how I interpreted it ;) ).

Call me old school but yeah I actually miss the time when I had to write a two page letter just to explain a days activity, and had to wait for almost ten to fifteen days just so to get back a simple reply. The joy of writing a letter and reading a letter is something which the next generating might never experience. Land-line phones are almost as useful as mobile phones and still provide all the freedom one may need. I just wish science has stopped at that and somehow we could manage our lives without mobile phones. Ya I know you must be saying life is fast now and we don't have time for all this crap, but guess what just try living a month or at-least a week without your mobile phone and then feel the difference in the quality of communication you have with people after that. 

Why am I writing this ? I don't know. I just felt that...

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