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Works Cited Essay

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Audition Scripts for Willy Wonka

All K-2 should read the following:

Candy Kid: Listen, Wonka's got a new one today.   It's called a scrumdiddlyumptious bar.
Scrumdiddlyumptious bar? How does he do it?   Willy Wonka was born to be a candy man, and we were born to be Wonkerers.

It is highly recommended that the above is memorized and acted to the best of your actor’s ability.   If your K-2 actor is interested in a more developed role they should select another monologue from the below list in addition to the Candy Kid monologue.   Additionally they must have a singing audition for a solo part.   This is a musical so almost every role is musical but it is unnecessary that they have a singing audition unless they want a solo line in a song or a solo.

Girl Monologues

Veruca: They're not even trying. They don't want to find it. They're jealous of me. You promised, daddy!
You promised I'd have it the very first day! I won't talk to you ever again! You're a rotten, mean father!
You never give me anything I want! And I won't go to school till I have it. Now, there are only four tickets left in the whole world, and the whole ruddy world's hunting for them. I want it! I want it now!! (English accent),

Violet: I'm a gum chewer normally, but when I heard about these ticket things of Wonka's, I laid off the gum and switched to candy bars instead. Now, of course, on gum I chew it all day except at meal times, when I stick it behind my ear. Now, this piece of gum here is one that I've been chewing on for 3 months solid and that's a world record. It's beaten the record held by my best friend Cornelia Prinzmetel, and was she mad. Hi, Cornelia, How are you? (Bold and bratty)

Mrs. Bucket: Charlie, there are a hundred billion people in this world, and only five of them will find golden tickets. Even if you had a sack full of money you probably wouldn't find one; and after this contest is over, you’ll be no different from the billions of others who didn't find one....

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