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Women's Lives Are Easier Than Men's Essay

  • Submitted by: arashicat
  • on November 3, 2013
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Below is an essay on "Women's Lives Are Easier Than Men's" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Debate Closing

My team has come to the conclusion that women lead easier lives than men. Our society has been established so that women have less to worry about and are cut the most slack, yet they receive the most sympathy and understanding. Men are perceived to be the caretakers of women, not the other way other way around. A woman is applauded for standing up to her man, but when a man does the same, it’s viewed as “abuse” or “disrespect,” even if his reason is valid. Men are expected to provide for their wives financially, help maintain the household, take care of the children, and support their wives emotionally. Men are expected to be strong; a man who cries is seen as weak and can be ridiculed for it by other men, while a women who cries is “going through a tough time” and is told to ‘stay strong”. Men are expected to do the heavy lifting and the dirty work. It’s true that women most often are the primary caretakers of their children. But they have a biological advantage, a set of unique genes that make the task of motherhood more easy and natural to women. Women are often encouraged to take breaks and make time for themselves, while men are expected to do their job and not complain. And finally, it’s quite clear that women have it much easier in relationships. They don’t have to ask the other out, send flowers, pay for anything, propose. This is all the responsibility for men.
Women’s lives are easier in multiple aspects. This may be true because of double standards in society, but they are true just the same.

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