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Women Employment in Bangladesh Essay

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Women employment in Bangladesh:

In Bangladesh, women play a central role in family, community and social development. However, women often remain invisible and unheard.

It is well known that women’s employment in South Asia is lower than in any other part of the world except perhaps the Middle East. The women’s employment rates in Bangladesh despite increase over the last decade is the increase in younger women’s employment, the low opportunity for employment for poor women and the sharp rise in women reporting unpaid work. But opportunities for educated women are increasing and combined with the increase in educational attainment.

Working for pay is common among poor, married women in Dhaka and working women commonly make an important contribution to household income. There is evidence that working women are more likely to manage money, shop for household provisions and move about outside the home than non-working women.

But the last decade has witnessed an impressive rise of women in the workforce in Bangladesh. The encouraging rate of growth has been reflected in a variety of sectors.
Now women (educated or uneducated) do not want to be dependant on others financially. For self-honour and self-confidence, to get self-identity is much required.

Bangladesh’s garment exports – mainly to the US and Europe – make up nearly 80% of the country’s export income. The country has more than 4,000 factories employing between two and three million workers.
The industry currently employs 1.5 million workers, approximately 80 % of whom are women, many working in hazardous social conditions. It has been a major source of employment for rural migrant women in a country that has increasingly limited rural livelihood options, and where women migrants have been largely excluded from formal work in the cities.
Women workers offer cheap, and easily exploited, labour force that allows the Bangladeshi garment industry to compete in the global market. While studies...

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