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Witchcraft In Nupe Society Essay

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Story of the Search
I began my research by asking my professor about my problem. She told me to have a career guidance and research on it. I drew a line down the center of a piece of paper and started writing pros and cons about being an engineer and on a different sheet of paper I did the same for a teacher. I set them both next to one another and looked at both of them. From what I knew, I found out that the main difference between these two careers was the salary, hours and dependence. Apparently that answer just wasn’t good enough for me, so I looked into both careers.
Next, I knew I had to find out about each one of them individually. I started out with the higher position an engineer.   Being an engineer is a very rewarding position but it requires a lot of learning even after you have graduated. My brain will just get bigger and bigger because I will have to keep up with all the new technology findings. Hopefully it doesn’t explode or make me look
like Jimmy Neutron. I went to guidance office and scheduled myself for career guidance.
I went to computer shop and started researching about career guidance. I used the Google search engine and started typing the word career guidance. There are many article about career guidance but I focused on Mr. Anderson’s article, How to Choose a Career. Mr. Anderson is a former College Center Director and high school career choice advisor. He explained here on how to choose a career and gave three steps that I can take to help me with the question how to choose a career. I also get the meaning of the term career guidance and career planning. I also used the Google search engine to know what the roles of parents or family members in choosing a career are.
After knowing about career guidance and planning, I researched about the difference of being an engineer and a teacher. As I surf the internet, I found a site concerning engineers and teachers. I got the information from Bureau of Labor Statistics. I have researched on...

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