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Who I Am Essay

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In 4th grade, anybody was allowed to choose either to be in band or orchestra. I choose orchestra and choose to play the violin. Unfortunately, there was an overwhelming amount of children that wanted to play the violin so my teacher recommended the viola. She said that it was very similar to the violin but it was just a bigger size than the violin. Not even taking a moment to think about it, I said yes and began to learn how to play the Viola. When classes began, we learned all the basics and finally learned some pieces for our first concert. Although I was excited to play, I noticed something. My teacher did say that the viola was similar to the violins; she did not say that they were always the leftovers. The violins had the main parts and the cellos and basses had the melodies while the violas were just sitting there with easy parts. From then on, I had such a negative attitude about orchestra and wanted to quit. However, my parents knew that staying in orchestra will benefit me in the long run so they forced me to stay in orchestra. It was basically the same routine all throughout middle school and the first two years of high school in Las Vegas.
When I moved to back to California, everything changed. Although I did have the same mindset that I hated orchestra, the CMEA Solo and Ensemble Festival came along. Our teacher forced a select few of people to get into a quartet to perform at the festival. I not only hated orchestra but now I had to be forced to play in a quartet?! What bad luck! What was even worse was that I didn’t know anybody in my quartet! Our group decided to play the first movement from String Quartet in C major, Op. 1, No. 6 by Joseph Haydn. Every single week we would practice together since the festival was only two months away! What was so different about getting into quartets that it was very crucial to know your parts because if you make a mistake, it would be clearly heard from the audience. Slowly, all these practice sessions with my...

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