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What Are The Characteristics Of a Good Manager Essay

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A manager is the person responsible for planning and directing the work of a group of individuals monitoring their work, and taking corrective action when necessary. It is important to realize that a good manager means result-orientated decisions and actions that must clear the way for the people in the team, to work coactively with understanding and mutual aid.
According to Richard Templar (2005), managers are expected to be many things. They must be strong, they must be leaders and innovators, loving uncles and aunts, a shoulder where someone to cry, dynamic motivators, strict but just judges, diplomats, politicians, financial wizards, protectors, saviors and advisors.
  The leadership is a main function of management. From a functional point of view it means taking decisions for a more purposeful behavior of the guided team, conformable with the requirements of work and achieving specific results. That is why leadership from the side of the manager is actually the attitude between him and the people guided from him. These attitudes are interpersonal and that is why it is very important for a manager to know with the help of what interpersonal attitudes to guide and manage. Managers have legal authority to make the people that work for them do specific tasks. The lack of desire and apathy are symptoms that employees don’t follow their manager. With other words they don’t perceive their manager as a leader. That is why a critically important requirement for an effective leadership is the earned trust of the employees. It represents a strong believe in the capabilities, intentions and decisions of the man that leads the team. I consider that it is obligatory for a manager to work for the creation of confidence. For example the manager can create trust towards his own capabilities when expresses certainty in what he offers, when shows positivism and when he argues why he or she is positively disposed. Trust towards the intentions of the manager can be created with...

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