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A welder is one of the nations most respected and sought after professions. This is because nearly all manufacturing and building industries require some sort of welding services. There are varied fields of welding in today's society. This research paper will cover many aspects of the welding field.
The reason I chose welding as my topic is mainly because its something I can see myself doing for the rest of my life. I have taken welding since my sophomore year and I have been certified for basic safety and operation of the cutting torch and the SMAW machince. Its pays very well albeit dangerous. I also find welding to be easy I have not mastered all of the skills and techniques that come with the trade, but I do plan on expanding my knowledge as this is a very possible career choice for me after high school. Before he passed away my mentor would always say that there would always be a need for welders in some way,shape,or form.
Welding is a method of repairing or creating metal structures by joining the pieces of metals or plastic through various fusion process. Welding equipment can utilize open flames, an electric arc or laser light.
The earliest evidence of welding can be traced back to the Bronze Age. It can also be observed that Egyptians had discovered welding. Several of their iron tools seemed as if they were made by welding. During the Middle Ages, a set of specialized workmen, called blacksmiths came about. The blacksmiths of the Middle Ages welded various types of iron tools by heating the metal then hammering it until a bonding occurred.   This method of welding remained unchanged until the dawn of he 19th century. Edmund Davy of England is credited with the discovery of acetylene in 1836. The production of an arc between two carbon electrodes using a battery is credited to Sir Humphry Davy in 1800. In the mid-nineteenth century, the electric generator was invented and arc lighting became popular. During the late 1800s, gas...

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