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Weight Loss Essay

  • Submitted by: jesskira
  • on November 25, 2010
  • Category: Psychology
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Throughout my essay I will demonstrate and identify with the case study provided. I will investigate and assess what I believe the clients issues are, and describe what type of treatment I believe the case study would benefit from with their intended problem. I will add a thorough and in depth knowledge. I will also discuss any ethical issues that arise throughout my essay.

Reading through my notes for the intended case study, the first thing is to discover why the client believe hypnotherapy would help them to reach their intended goal, and why they have come to you in the first place. It is evident that Miss E wants to lose weight, but reading through all of my notes it becomes more evident to me that Miss E has deeper issues then this .
Many peoples weight issues are related to emotional problems that can be acted out through their relationship with food. Binge eating can be one way to reduce anxiety frustration fears and unresolved issues .
It is very important to treat each case individually and to take a in depth look in to every aspect of the clients history. Miss E wants treatment for weight loss, but it could be a mask for deeper issues that she has not resolved as yet.  
Firstly I want to approach and discuss Miss E weight issues. The reasons that people over eat and gain weight may not be clear to the person who is coming to seek therapy. This may have stemmed from Miss E childhood where she may have been rewarded in means of treats like sweets cakes etc, for doing simple tasks like tidying up her toys, this would have been extended as Miss E would have grown up like getting good grades at school, so she may have been rewarded by going for a pizza. This continues through life for example getting a good job, lets go for a meal to celebrate. This can become a uncontrollable habit   and snow ball out of control and food can become too important.
The example above can also work the other way too, for instance if you do not get the results you...

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