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Week 4 Assignment Essay

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University of Phoenix Material

Team Strategy Plan

1. Complete the following table to address the creation of teams at Riordan Manufacturing.

Strategy Strengths Weaknesses
Team Efficacy- Occurs when teams believe in their purpose and have confidence in their abilities and believe that they can succeed.
Team confidence raises team motivation and encourages the team to work harder to pursue objectives and achieve specific goals. Too much team confidence can cause some members of the team to develop big egos, which could cause relationship conflicts. Extreme demotivation can occur when the team fails to meet the smaller objectives and goals.
Mental Models- A shared outlook or knowledge and beliefs about how work will be accomplished and how goals will be reached.
A shared outlook on how work will be completed to arrive at a specific goal or objective will help ensure positive performance outcomes. Conflicting ideas about how teamwork will be completed will result inevitably in miscommunication and unacceptable performance levels.
Specific Goals- The team translates its objectives and purpose into specific and measureable goals.  

Developing specific goals helps to maintain the team’s focus and communication. The more difficult the task or objective the team performance is required. By focusing on only specific goals the team actually can lose sight on the smaller more realistic goals. The smaller goals will help the team arrive at the larger performance goals.  
Conflict levels- Conflict can either be dysfunctional or productive to the team and its goals.
Low levels of conflict can encourage creativity, create a healthy discussion forum, and encourages critical assessments of issues relating to the objectives or goals. Not all conflicts are healthy and beneficial. Conflicts based on relationships are almost always dysfunctional and serve no beneficial purpose.
Common Plan and Purpose- Occurs when teams share the same goals, and...

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