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Was There a Need to Force Indians Off Their Land? Essay

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  • on September 27, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Was There a Need to Force Indians Off Their Land?" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Was There a Need to Force Indians Off Their Land?
Ever since Europeans came over to America, there has been discontent between the Native Americans and the settlers. When traders started to sell African slaves to America, it caused even more displeasure than with the Indians. In the situation of the Indians, the unhappiness led to fighting, death, and loss of land. Similarly, the Africans were forced off their land, fought their captors, and many died. The violence between these groups and the settlers was inevitable and unavoidable because of the settler’s quest for land and money.
In 1492, when Columbus returned from his first voyage to the Caribbean, he told the Spanish government that it was "a land to be desired". Christopher Columbus had already begun the discontent with natives without really realizing it. He said, " I took possession of a large town (from the natives)". Columbus paved the road for what was yet to come for the natives of America.
When Spanish missionaries such as Francisco Coronado led armies through what would be the Southwest, they preached “There is only one God in heaven, and the emperor on earth to rule and govern it, whose subjects must all become and whom they must serve” (Document 2). These men who came to preach about God treated the Indians with disrespect. They used aggressive behavior to try to convert them. The missionaries would take the Indians children away from their families to try to convert them to Christianity, especially if their parent wouldn’t follow their ways.
When Puritans colonized the Connecticut River Valley, they learned the benefits of trade and co-existing with the native Pequot. In time, these groups began to clash over the conflict of owning land. On May 26, 1637, the English attacked the Pequot camp, blaming the Pequot for murdering one of the settlers. This event is known as the Mystic Massacre. The English settlers stealthily entered the Pequot camp and murdered almost all of the Indians. Those who...

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