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Volunteerism Essay

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In this essay, I will discuss the benefits and disadvantages of using volunteers in non-profit sector organizations.   Then, I will discuss how volunteers in non-profit sector organizations can be managed.   Before discussing the benefits and disadvantages of using volunteers in non-profit sector organizations, an understanding of the non-profit sector is essential.
The non-profit sector includes organizations that fill the gaps left by government and business sectors by directly or indirectly working with communities. Different from businesses, which exist to create profit for their shareholders, nonprofit organizations exist to support a cause or to offer a public service. If a nonprofit organization earns a profit, those profits are reinvested into the organization, instead of being distributed among stakeholders like business profits are. The non-profit sector in the United States is immense, very diverse, and touches the lives of everyone. The non-profit sector consists of more than 1.6 million organizations.   Nonprofit organizations may be defined by tax status, how the organization spends its excess revenue, by its volunteer board of directors, or by its overall mission.   Major subcategories of nonprofit organizations include charities, foundations, social welfare organizations, and professional and trade associations. Volunteers are a common feature of the non-profit sector and a key component in the success of many organizations.
“As funding has tightened, government agencies have come to rely on volunteers as a way to deliver services and foster community involvement” (National Association of Countries, 2003; Rehnborg, 2005; Sanecki, 2000; Scott, 2003).   Volunteers are extremely valued resources for non-profit organizations and can provide many advantages.   “Volunteers are an attractive resource because they cost little, can give detailed attention to people for whom paid employees do not always have the time, often provide specialized skills, provide an...

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