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Visual Art Essay

  • Submitted by: laceyduncan93
  • on March 23, 2013
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Topic #9: Look at ways which visual art influences
you/modern people/modern culture

Art has changed so much throughout history, and seeing the examples in this class amplify that so much to me. Visual art in history is more conservative and historical. The buildings hold history and show what we’ve been through. Visual art today is pointed, gray, and boring. “Modern architecture” is all about shapes and dimensions. Like on page 6 in Nuclear Ideas states, “[t]he nearer art moves to the 20th century the more it dissolves into abstraction.” I think this is entirely true. People are less worried about how art feels or comes across to the reader and are making it more about how things look in relation to each other. Shapes and figures aren’t about religion anymore; most don’t even allude to it. This is shown in clothing as well.
Modern clothing is almost non-existent when compared to older versions. In everyday life we wear less layers, lower necklines, and shorter hemlines than older generations even wore to go swimming in. We wear things that are making a statement instead of showing class. In a way you could say that we have re-vamped modern art when relating it to clothing. We’ve made it more visual and exciting to the viewer. Though most of our clothing would be seen as a cry for attention, “[m]uch of modern art is desperation” so we are trying to fit in with the change (11).
Paintings have been replaced by a new kind of fad in art…music. Recently we’ve begun to notice that our youth focuses less on canvas and more on records. While music is very important to art, it has begun to overshadow visually appealing things in pictures. The popularity has overridden the artistic beauty as seen in   “A Girl with a Red Hat” which would show things such as innocence, natural beauty, and class without having to make a lyric about it. When someone is looking at a painting they can tie their own emotion into a piece, while with music you already have an idea of the...

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