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Visual Analysis Vintage Cigarette Advertisements

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  • on February 22, 2012
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Vintage Cigarette Ad Analysis

This United Cigar Stores ad features a female angel dressed in an air force uniform giving you a salute. This ad was created in 1918, during the First World War. The text of the ad says “With Best Wishes for the New Year” and appears to be directed towards the soldiers fighting in the war. The background behind the angel is a large red circle and looks vaguely like a Japanese flag whom were among the allies in World War 1(US Department of State). This ad is clearly marketing towards the soldiers and in specifically, the Air Force in this ad. The ad does not directly show a cigar or a cigarette, but the United Cigar Stores Co. written at the bottom of the ad was a subtle way of making sure that you knew who advertised it and what they sell.
The author of this ad apart from trying to promote the product was sending his best wishes to the troops overseas in the coming New Year. The large red circle in the back extends his best wishes to the allies fighting alongside our troops. In World War 1 cigarettes were given out as rations along with food and water to the soldiers (Borio). Since soldiers were already being provided with tobacco the presence of a cigar was not needed as much as if the ad were directed at a different demographic.
The author of the ad successfully portrayed the message that they were aiming for. The ad does not only encourage soldiers to smoke but shows their support to the troops for being such a large consumer base among other things. The ad also shows its support towards American and ally troops fighting in World War 1.This ad was both patriotic and effective in its attempt to get all Americans and beyond to hear about their company.

In the following ad released by Camel in 1927, the author writes a brief thank you letter to the consumer. In the letter he expresses Camel’s confidence in their product by saying that it is the choice of experienced smokers. He goes on to say that Camel cigarettes are...

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