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Visual Analysis

  • Submitted by: LacedFashionista
  • on June 5, 2011
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Nicole Blaine
Art 33
Section D03H

Visual Analysis

For most historic pieces of art, a meaning and symbolism is attached to it, thus becoming a piece of history. Visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art allowed me to appreciate the different pieces and sculptures from Egyptian, Greek, Roman and French art. What caught my eye the most were the Medieval French Virgin and Child in Majesty and the Claus de Werve’s Virgin and Child.
The Virgin and Child in Majesty is a French sculpture is 31 inches tall. The medium that was used for this sculpture was Walnut with paint, gesso and linen. The Virgin Mary is seated on a bench with baby Jesus, him being the focal point, seated directly on the center of her lap, [their heads aligned ] (Mary’s above, Jesus below).   Mary and Jesus’ alignment is part of the symmetrical balance (and details) of the statue. Mary’s right hand is placed on the baby’s stomach and her left on his shin, securing him while he sits. She is wearing a perfectly symmetrical draped robe, with the layers of the folded fabric creased over one another in equal distance creating an accordion like sleeve. The robe continues to fall on her legs down to her feet with slight creases indicating the draped fabric. The hood of the robe covers her head with a slightly delicate cap positioned right above her forehead and ears, allowing space for her hair to be visible. Baby Jesus is also wearing a symmetrically precise robe that covers his feet. The drapes of his sleeves are also overlapped over one another, but his left arm is partially missing. Mary’s and Jesus’s faces have a similar stern expression. Mary has an oval shaped face with almond eyes, a long slender nose and a unnoticeable upper lip over a larger lower lip. Jesus also has an oval shaped face but slightly rounder near the cheeks. His eyes are also rounder and almond shaped but his nose is not as long and slim, it is wider at the bottom. His lips are pretty much equivalent to Mary’s, but smaller in...

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