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Virginia Department of Transportation: Trying to Keep Virginia Moving Essay

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VDOT: Trying to Keep Virginia Moving
Jennifer Anguiano
Mary Bentley
Laura Burgueno
Ashiya Anderson
Grand Canyon University: MGT-420 Organizational Behaviors and Management
September 07, 2012
Professor Sarager

VDOT: Trying to Keep Virginia Moving
      There are three management theories that could be pertinent in managing the Virginia Deportment of Transportation (VDOT). They are the Scientific Management, McGregor’s Theory Y and Bureaucratic Organization. The first is the Scientific Management this deals with selecting and developing the correct job for the business, dealing with working conditions and selecting workers base on their experience to get the job done and then given incentives for those that went the extra mile. Phillip Shucet was select because of his leadership, his previous experience to get the job done.
      The second theory is McGregor’s theory Y. Many people interpret Theory Y as a positive set of beliefs about workers. Theory Y approach is that an individual’s are willing and eager to work. They take ownership and responsible for their position. They are self-starter with very creative minds. When Shucet took the position he notices the lack of knowledge of each individual and they were lost about their project and there was no communication among each other.
      The third and last theory is Bureaucratic Organization. A bureaucratic organization is one with firm and constricted procedures, rules and constraints; and the company reacts with stringent controls as well as a reluctance to adapt or change. Bureaucracies are very structured with a degree of formality in the way it works Decisions are made through a planned process, and a firm knowledge and control structure is present. Shucet notice that there was no structure, no communication on their project. He knew in order for him to get the VDOT project to work, it would take a lot of people working...

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