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Values And Ethical Decision Making Essay

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Values and Ethical Decision Making

Values and Ethical Decision Making
Values are your beliefs, convictions and ethics all rolled in one. Values are linked to one’s purpose in life. They are what we are. That is why it is imperative to understand your own personal values. The importance of one’s values can be expressed by comparing the outcome of a fulfilling life, when you live in agreement with your values, and   a stressful life when you live in opposition to your values. (Lopper, 2007, p.1 Values are believed to be the most powerful influence on human attitudes and human behavior. (Nonis, et al, 2001, p.1)) Ethics and values go hand in hand in the decision making process. Whereas values determine what is right and what is wrong, and doing what is right or wrong is what we mean by ethics. To behave ethically is to behave in a manner consistent with what is right or moral. (NDU, n.d. Chap. 15, p.1)
According to The Williams Institute, ethical awareness is the key to sound ethical judgment. There is no easy shortcut to ethical decision making. It requires you to make an important personal judgment about a matter that will have a significant impact on the lives of real people. (Williams Institute, n.d., p. 2).   There are steps to take to achieve the ethical quality of one’s decision to avoid putting it at risk. It is our moral responsibility after examining our ethical styles and perspectives to uphold our CORE beliefs. (Williams Institute, n.d., p. 2).  
The first step in achieving awareness is, understanding the principles used most often for making ethical decisions or your CORE beliefs. After taking the awareness inventory, one might discover a prominent category or that there is “no prominent category represented but, agrees some, with all categories.” This considered a blended category. The following Ethics Awareness Inventory Scoring Summary describes both...

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