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“Using The Case Study Provided At The End Of The m

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“Using the case study provided at the end of the module identify and explain the client’s issues and devise a course of treatment for him, taking into account any ethical issues”.  

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Although Mr X doesn’t fully understand why he feels as he does, he is aware that his worries, thought patterns and self perception are preventing him from moving forward and embracing opportunity and that this is impacting his work and personal life.   He seeks to improve the quality of his life and be able to deal effectively with situations that arise.   It is the intention of this essay to establish the issues for which Mr X seeks assistance and to detail an effective treatment plan to implement positive change in all areas of his life.  
I have identified Mr X’s issues as being a deep rooted lack of self-esteem and a lack of confidence.   It has been established through the initial consultation that Mr X is not taking any prescription drugs and has never been prescribed medication for, nor been treated for depression.   I am aware that I would not be able to treat depression at this stage of my hypnotherapy career as per The Hypnotherapy Society’s Code of Ethics governing ‘Good Quality of Care’ and feel confident that Mr X, from his explanation of his issues, behavior and importantly, the information gleaned through the notation, is not suffering from depression, nor are there any indicators of psychoses.  
The two issues, while both have different characteristics and aspects, invariably interplay and can deeply affect a person’s life.   Where self-esteem reflects Mr X’s more internal beliefs, confidence represents his belief in what he can achieve; what goals he can aspire to.   Where a person with high self-esteem will have respect for themselves and an acceptance of who they are, with confidence in their abilities, the low self-esteem experienced by Mr X carries a fear of failure, unfavorable comparison to others as well as inner negative thoughts and chatter...

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